Keynote Speech

Speaker: Göran Svensson

                  Oslo School of Management, Norway

Topic: Sustainable business practices beyond zero emission


Göran Svensson is Professor at Oslo School of Management, Norway. He is also Professor at Halmstad University, Sweden. In addition, he is Honorary Professor at Deakin University, Australia; Adjunct Professor at Monash University, Visiting Professor at University of Johannesburg, South Africa and Extraordinary Professor at North West University, South Africa. Furthermore, he is regular Guest Professor at National Chung Hsing University in Tai Chung, Taiwan. He holds a Ph. D. at the School of Economics and Commercial Law, Göteborg University, Sweden.

He is the editor of European Business Review (Emerald). He is also an active and dedicated member of numerous editorial boards and editorial review boards of international research journals. Furthermore, he is a committed member of numerous international research and scholarly networks and associations.

He is a frequent author of international journal articles (190+) and international conference contributions (240+). He is also engaged as a book author.

He also works at times as adviser and consultant in business in terms of market research, surveys, education and training programs among executives and companies. In addition, he also organizes seminar series and workshops for both business and academia.

Occasionally, he gives speeches in business and writes columns for business magazines and newspapers.

During the 1980s he was an industrialist and entrepreneur in South America (Bogotá, Colombia).



Speaker: Lucian Liviu ALBU, Academician

                  Director of Institute for Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy

                  Bucharest, Romania

Topic: Real convergence in EU and in South-East Asia: a non-linear modeling approach



Speaker: Adriana GRIGORESCU, Ph.D. Professor

                  National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

                  Bucharest, Romania

Topic: Streams, crossings and confluences in public & business management



Speaker: Adelina DUMITRESCU, Ph.D. Lecturer

                  Coordinator of Distance Learning Department Faculty of Public Administration

                  National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

                 Bucharest, Romania

Topic: New trends in evaluating local financial management in EU



Speaker: Teodora-Daniela MIHAILA

                   National Institute of Economic Research, Romanian Academy