CD Proceeding

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The CD proceeding of ICBM2014 is announced. Please check HERE to read articles in CD proceeding. If you need to update any information, please contact us ( before June 5, 2014.

ICBM2014 Program

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The program schedule of ICBM2014 is announced. Please check HERE and help us confirm the information of the manuscript. If you need to update any information, please contact us ( before May 23, 2014.


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June 18, 2014
08:30-17:00 Registration/Paper Presentation
17:00-21:00 Ceremony 

June 19, 2014
08:30-17:00 Registration/Paper Presentation

June 20, 2014 
09:00-18:00 Day Tour
Campus visit - National Taipei University
Sanshia Old Street
Yingge Ceramics Museum

Virtual presentation
Virtual presentation session is an experimental session for participants who have to be absent due to unexpected reasons. The virtual presentation session looks like "poster session" in traditional conference. Nevertheless, authors need to prepare powerpoint slide rather than poster in paper. Participants who cannot attend physically may choose to participate via the virtual session. In the virtual session, authors provide powerpoint slide file. Conference staffs will put the file on conference website. The powerpoint slide of virtual presentation session will also be played at "tea break" between sessions. Authors may also provide presentation video if they want. Authors and participants can discuss their papers on Internet during the two week period surrounding the conference.
Registration fee for virtual presentation is the same as oral presentation.

Tracks for ICBM2014

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Track 1: Accountancy and Auditing
  Performance Management
  Risk Management
  Small and Medium Enterprise Accounting and IT Issue

Track 2: Banking and Finance
  Finance and Investment
  Public and Nonprofit
  Public Economics and Finance 
  Public Responsibility and Ethics 

Track 3: Consumer Behavior
  Attitude formation and change 
  Brand commitment/attachment 
  Consumer information processing 
  Consumer media choice and behavior 
  Individual, Social and Cultural Variables Influencing Reactions to Communications 
  Information search - Learning 
  Motivation to Process Ads 

Track 4: Electronic Commerce and Internet Marketing
  E-Commerce Practice, Management and Strategy
  E-Commerce Policy, Standards, Regulations, and Legal Issues
  E-Commerce Economics and Development Trend
  Social Computing

Track 5: Global Business Management 
  International Business 
  International Economics 
  International Finance 
  International Management
  International Marketing 
  International Relations and Collaborations

Track 6: Human Resource and Organization Behavior
  Human Resources
  Human Resource Management
  Organizational Behavior & Theory
  Organizational Communication 
  Organizational Psychology 
  Stress Management 

Track 7: Industrial Engineering, Operational Management, and Supply Chain
  Approaches and Models of Industry Analysis
  Engineering Related to Business
  Manufacturing Engineering
  Operations Management
  Operations Research 
  Supply Chain Management

Track 8: Information System Management
  Business Intelligence
  Case Studies in IS Field
  Computers and Education
  Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  E-Learning and Distance Learning
  Healthcare Information Management
  Information and Communication Systems 
  Knowledge Management

Track 9: Leisure and hospitality industry management
  Best Practices of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
  Cultural Impacts of Tourism
  Hospitality Management 
  Lifestyle Services and Responses Tourism
  Tourism Management, Policy and Development

Track 10: Marketing 
  Buyer Behavior and Customer Relation Management 
  Competitive Advantage of Marketing Management
  Market Structure and Pricing 
  Marketing Research and Strategy
  Marketing Strategy and Communications
  Marketing Theory and Applications
  New Product, Promotion and Service Marketing
  Pricing and Branding Management 

Track 11: Sport and Exercise Industry Management
  Sports Economy
  Sports Management
  Sports Media
  Sports Psychology
  Sports Technology Innovation Research
  The Club of Professional Sports Management

Track 12: Statistics and Decision Science
  Business Statistics
  Computational Statistics
  Mathematical Modeling in Social Science
  Social Statistics
  Statistical Mechanics/Modelling
  System Dynamics
  Systems Theory

Track 13: Strategic Management
  Approaches and Models of Strategic Management
  Approaches to Evaluating Competitive Intelligence
  Blue Ocean Strategy
  Challenges to Strategic Management
  Strategizing Activities and Practice
  The Strategic Audit

Track 14: Technology and Innovation Management 
  Disruptive Technology
  Information Technology and Tools to Support Innovation
  Innovation, Technology and Society 
  Innovation and Technology Management 
  Media and Communications, Technology

Track 15: Others
  All other areas about Business, Management, Marketing, Strategy, Technology issues et al.

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